FlexiStop Roof Coating Material

Keep it simple: The right roofing materials take the pain out of the job

Sometimes the amount of planning and preparation required for a party takes all the joy out of the party itself: it's difficult to partake in the celebrations when you're a hair's breadth away from a nervous breakdown brought on by exhaustion. Business can be like that, too!

As you will see, the choice of the correct roofing materials for a flat roof is crucial.

In the flat roof pictured (below), a small leak in the gutter is one of three issues causing the roof to leak. The existing roofing material, a preformed membrane, has been perforated in a number of places and needs to be replaced or recovered. The membrane around a number of small ventilation units is torn. Either torch-on bituminous felt or another layer of the uPVC membrane needs to be brought onto the roof, cut into shape (tailored, you might say) and heat welded into place.

Also, the outlet from the rooftop water tank is leaking and the weight of the tank itself is threatening the integrity of the membrane it is resting on. This is going to require a lot of work to repair the roof correctly! Rolls of felt or pre-formed membrane. Torches, gas-tanks, the lot. Still, roofers are used to such inconvenience. So they don't mind...

But the business owner does mind! The pictures are of a flat roof extension to the rear of an old, city-centre building. The only way to get large rolls of roofing materials and equipment onto the roof is over the front slated hip roof of the original building, THREE FLOORS ABOVE STREET LEVEL, down the slope on the rear, and on to the flat surface where work can then begin.

This will require a scaffold to be erected on the busy city pavement, enclosing a series of ladders which will allow men and equipment to be brought to the third floor roof and over. Health and Safety issues regarding pedestrians, forced by scaffolding onto the roadway, must be addressed. The cost of all this has the owner scratching a head that, after many years of global recession, is already well scratched. He is thinking, "I really don't need this. That bucket collecting water, sitting in the middle of the office floor, is not really such an inconvenience. And we can live with that yellow stain on the wall for another year or two. Or three..."

So the roof continues to leak water and the roofer looks for work elsewhere...

But wait! A small skylight in a top floor store-room allows limited, restricted access to the flat roof. The size of the gas tank is a no-go. What to do? The problem with the roof is now caused by the roofing materials themselves... Multishield’s roofing products have the answer...

Three 5 Litre cans of FlexiStop quality roofing product, a couple of paint brushes and a 4" roller pose no access problems, and from start to finish the flat roof is repaired in nine hours.

After the surface had been cleaned and dried, FlexiStop Liquid Silicone Roofing Material was brushed straight from the can on to the affected areas: along the horizontal, up the slope; around, and up on to the ventilation shafts. Two new outlet pipes are fitted into the gulley and sealed with FlexiStop. When fully cured, two hours later, the FlexiStop Roofing Material has completely adhered to, and bonded with, all the different surfaces, forming a single, seamless waterproof membrane. FlexiStop sticks to, and repairs, almost every known roofing product. And FlexiStop Roofing Material is also Fire Resistant (BS 476 & BS 6853).

The leaking water outlet has been sealed with a coat of FlexiStop, as has the joint between two sheets of uPVC membrane which were beginning to part company, and water would soon start leaking through to the office below in a very short time (another bucket on the office floor).

The job was done by one operative in about the time it would have taken at least two men to erect and remove the scaffolding alone, with no disruption to the workers in the offices beneath or inconvenience to pedestrians in the street. The bucket is gone, the office is dry, at a fraction of the original estimated cost!

And all because of the correct choice of Multishield Protection's Quality Roofing Products.

Best of all, the work is guaranteed for 35 years!

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One of the main problems with flat roofs is their tendency to leak, particularly if the roof is old or badly maintained.

This can lead to expensive damage to the structure beneath it as a result of the rot which often develops and can prove to be unsightly for the occupants of the building. In addition, once the underlying roof timbers are soaked, sagging often occurs and the problem worsens.

A simple application of FlexiStop Roofing Material will form a durable and tough waterproof barrier, protecting the roof and the structure beneath it from harsh weather conditions.

Gullies and gutters, if not properly installed or left to deteriorate can cause huge problems. Often a gulley or gutter that looks beyond repair can be made good as new with FlexiStop Roofing Product at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Check it out before making any hasty decisions...

FlexiStop™ is a liquid roofing material coating system. It can be used with a non-woven needled polyester fleece for added strength in areas where high stress demand the best roofing products. When applied, the system cures to form a tightly adherent, seamless, permanently elastic waterproof skin, following the most complicated and irregular surface contours. Whatever the shape of your roof, MultiShield Protection’s FlexiStop Roofing Material will flow and cure to form a watertight seal.

Upstands such as rooflights, ventilation shafts, parapets and air-conditioning units can be simply encapsulated in the entire roof membrane in a fraction of the time needed for the "cutting and tailoring" needed to fix old-fashioned, preformed roofing products into place. And time, it needn't be stressed, is money. FlexiStop Roofing System saves time, saves money. The only quality roofing material guaranteed for 35 years.


Your roof deserves the very best roofing material – FlexiStop Roofing Sysytem.

The "in service" working temperature range of FlexiStop Roofing Material is -60°C to +200°C (that’s twice the temperature of a boiling kettle!). It is thermally stable throughout this range, retaining all of its properties 100%. Almost all roofing materials expand at high temperatures and shrink at low temperatures. This constant movement eventually leads to cracks, splits and failure in standard roofing products. FlexiStop remains pliable and supple. FlexiStop™ Roofing Product has excellent UV resistance properties and is basically unaffected by the Ultra Violet light of the Sun.

FlexiStop™ has excellent resistance to dilute acid and alkalis. It is ideal in densely populated or industrial areas where the air can be heavily contaminated. FlexiStop™ is 10 times more vapour permeable than most other high tech membranes and 100 times more than bitumen based products. This allows any trapped moisture to escape in vapour form so that it does not continue to rot supporting timbers or plaster. Yet FlexiStop™ Roofing Product is fully water repellent, non- hygroscopic and will not support fungal growth. FlexiStop has amazingly high fatigue resistance. It can be bent and twisted a multitude of times without failure - see the repaired bellows in the "Rolling Stock" section and consider the stress applied to the FlexiStop repair thousands and thousands of times on each and every train journey.

Only FlexiStop Quality Roofing Material can stand up to this abuse! Find out more by calling us now on 091 44 55 44.

The surface spread of flames is not an issue with FlexiStop™ Roofing Material as it will not support combustion, unlike bitumen based roofing materials. It will burn when subject to intense flame, but will cease burning when the flame is removed. When tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 3 1958 achieved the designation of EXT.F.AB.

FlexiStop™ Roofing Material will adhere to virtually all known substrates, but the quality of the substrate will not affect the system. FlexiStop™ Roofing Material is very strong and its strength is independent of the substrate. FlexiStop™ has extremely high stress absorbing characteristics and excellent recovery traits.

FlexiStop™ is solvent and halogen free and environmentally friendly, also FlexiStop™ has been subjected to BS6920 Test On Effect Of Water Quality, producing satisfactory results for all leaching tests. Water harvested from a roof coated with FlexiStop Quality Roofing Material is suitable for potable purposes: It can be used to collect water from farmyard buildings to then divert it to animal drinking troughs.

And cracked or damaged drinking troughs can be repaired with FlexiStop Quality Roofing Material without affecting the quality of the water!

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